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Portrait Of Fortuna.jpg

Portrait of Fortuna
:Leasure and Pleasure Festival, Sophiensäle, Berlin. 2023

Dancing in the glitch Final  copy 2.jpg

In the Glitch,

:Leasure and Pleasure Festival, Sophiensäle, Berlin. 2023

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 08.42.27.png


:Leasure and Pleasure Festival, Sophiensäle, Berlin, 2023

Social Center Struggle_edited_edited_edi

The Eternal Struggle

Leasure and Pleasure Festival Sophiensæle, Berlin 2023


Underground berlin rave filled.jpg

Rave History Drawing,

Tanzregreß: Zine for a queer rave gathering,  Dresden


Comic about Spielclub,
Published in Berlinerheft, 2024 Berlin -


social center.png

The Social Center,

Drawing from 'An Endless Dance' Talk and Performance, TanzTage Sophiensaele, Berlin

day time stuff.jpg
Heather's comic page 1, 210thAug_edited.png
Heather's COme page 3-4 10thAug.jpg

Qurentine Comic,

Community Standards: Canceled 2020, Lecken Zine

lump love Zoë.jpg

Lustful Fancy,

Comic Installation Untertage Lecken, 2019

Pictorave Zoe.jpg

Pictorave Propoganda,

Comic Installation Untertage Lecken, 2019

women on the edge of time website_edited.jpg

Women on the Edge of Time 1976 - ,

live drawing performance, with Maria Scaroni Sophiensaele, Berlin, 2018

Thiaboe smaller file.jpg

Rave of Rage,

Installation Untertage Lecken, 2019

animation playground.png

Everything for Everyone,

News From Nowhere 2018, Berlin

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